Saturday, September 8, 2012


Dear Tyson,

In three more sleeps, you will wake up and attend your first day of preschool. You can hardly wait. Mommy, however, is a little more apprehensive. We went to Parent/Child day last week-I struggled to hold onto your hand a little longer and hold back the tears while you happily met your new friends and teacher.

I'm making Daddy take you the first day so I don't make a scene.

I hope you love school. I hope you follow directions and listen to your teachers. I hope you explore and learn things that I never could teach you. I hope you read books that we don't have at home and do art projects that I can hang proudly on the fridge. I hope you are nice to your classmates. I hope you make new friends that you can tell me all about. I hope you say, "please" and "thank you." I hope you sit still during circle time. I hope you sing new songs and learn new prayers. I hope you learn to write your name and do a Christmas program that I can take a million pictures of. I hope you come running to me when I pick you up.

School is an amazing place, buddy. Go, learn, have fun.

I will miss you.



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