Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7 Months! (and a day)

Dear Mila,
Yesterday you turned 7 months old. I took your pictures on time and am writing your birthday letter only one day late. I find the need to acknowledge this accomplishment in writing. Next month we probably won’t be so lucky.  
You are on the brink of so many milestones and reaching such a fun age that it’s hard to find time to sit and write about you….I’d much rather be playing with you!
You officially started sleeping through the night around 6 months, one week (two days). Not that I was counting. It was a loooong 6 months that culminated in me letting you cry it out (while I cried in my bed) for two nights. It was probably more torturous for me than it was for you, but if it ends up scaring you for life, I promise to help pay for any needed therapy.
The benefits of teaching you to sleep through the night were short lived as around 6 months 3 weeks your teeth decided to try and make an entrance. We’ve suffered a few painful nights/days and are still waiting for those ugly buggers to poke through. The drool amounts are epic and at this point anything within a two foot radius of you goes in your mouth. I’m guessing you’ll have your first one pop through by the end of month 7.
You are waaay mobile. I put you down at one end of a room and find you one minute later trapped under the bookshelf on the other end of it. You are crawling backwards and rocking forwards.  Actual purposeful crawling is only weeks away. God save us all.
You wave. It’s stinkin cute. You know it.
You eat. And you eat. And you eat. And you eat. Girl likes her food. You’ve started eating puffs . The pincer reflex isn’t quite developed, but you sure know how to grab a handful and stuff it in.  Clearly you learned this behavior from Daddy.
You are babbling now. Not just the high level screeches that were so enjoyable during months 4 and 5 (we still do have the pleasure of hearing those every once and awhile). A lot of bbbahh and other stuff that I have no idea how to type.  
Clearly you are advanced and a genius and the best looking 7 month old baby around. But you knew that already, didn’t you?
I love you, little Mimi.

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