Monday, March 19, 2012

Becoming a Big Brother

If I was a betting woman, I would have placed money on Tyson not doing well with his transition to big brother. Sure, he was excited about the baby coming out of Mommy's tummy, but once the baby came home and he realized  you couldn't put it in the toy box when you got sick of it, I was pretty sure he'd tell me to put it back.

Since I had no intentions of putting her back (God, can you imagine??), I mentally cringed a little when I imagined his transition.

I guess I didn't give him enough credit.

He's pretty much the most amazing big brother a two year old can be.

He gets me diapers and burp cloths. He talks to Mila and kisses her.  She cries and he quickly says, "It's ok, Mila." He tells her he loves her before bed each night. He tries to play with her, feed her bottles and change her.

Sure, there have been moments of jealousy and a few temper tantrums (including one over not being able to wear Mila's pink headband-a moment his Daddy was incredibly proud of), but mostly? It's been like this: 

An amazing big brother and a cute little sister. I can't wait to watch their friendship grow.

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