Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Come See the World's Largest Woman Attempt To Keep Her Toddler Busy!

While I’ve been quite busy attempting to become the world’s largest woman, we’ve also managed to squeeze in a few other events in the last month or so.
Does anyone know the number to Guinness Book of World Records? Because-clearly.

We took Tyson to Lego Land at Mall of America. He rarely plays with his blocks at home and last year Lego Land held his attention for all of 2 minutes.  Clearly we were grasping at straws to prevent us all going to stir crazy.

What a difference a year can make. He could have easily lasted 2 hours in Lego Land this year. Cheap and easy-my kind of date.
We built a tent at home. A big one with two blankets, a table, pillows, flashlights and books.

And then we realized that Mommy was too big to fit in it, so Tyson had to read his books to himself.
We made pizza at home and watched the Superbowl.

See above about attempting to become the world’s largest woman.
We enrolled Tyson in a Community Ed gym class with his cousins Tyler and Brody. Last week they played Duck, Duck, Grey Duck and What Time Is it Mr. Fox? Tyson had a blast and is already excited for the next session.

Here’s hoping the physical activity will help combat any of my bad pregnancy eating habits that might have rubbed off on him. I’m not in the running for having the world’s largest toddler.

We're soaking up our last few days as a family of three and counting down the arrival to our baby girl.

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