Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Probably A Fluke

Mommy Says:

In my recent attempts at trying to be a decent parent, I decided it was time to introduce Tyson to the potty. We've had it in his bathroom now for several months, but it's always been overshadowed by the big amazing bath tub that it sits next to. While it was in the bathroom, I tried (in vain) to put Tyson on it. He'd cry and scream "BATH!" over and over. I had visions of him being 14 and bringing me a diaper.
Then, I had the ingenious idea to move it into his bedroom.

You've got to be kidding me. You know I'm only 15 months old, right?

Gross? Maybe, but it's now been getting the attention every potty deserves.

Now, each morning and night, Tyson sits on the potty and we talk about it. "This is where you go poopy when you're a big boy!" "Where is your pee-pee?" "You go pee-pee in the potty when you become a big boy, right?" And each time he's "done" we clap and cheer together.

This is comical. I'm 15 months old and you expect me to pee in this frog. You're crazy lady.

Yes, I realize he's not even 15 months old yet. And, yes, I may be crazy.

Ok crazy lady, I went. Wipe. Oh, and you better not be posting these pictures.

BUT, crazy can sometimes reap rewards. Like this week when Tyson peed in his potty when he wasn't even 15 months old. He was SO proud of himself. There was clapping and cheering and dancing and maybe some tears(from me-not Tyson-see above about being crazy).

It's probably just a fluke, but it was still pretty amazing.

PS: I'm well aware that I'm jinxing any hope we had of Tyson being easy to potty train by coming to the Internet to brag about his recent accomplishment. When he's 4 (or 14), I'll be returning to this post to curse myself for bragging about how great he is.

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