Friday, February 4, 2011

15 Months

Mommy Says:
Dear Tyson,

Today you turn 15 months old. That means that you're officially the cutest and smartest 15 month old that I know. Lucky you!

Except that lately I feel like the lucky one.

Lucky to have an inquisitive, charming, and precocious little 15 month old. Lucky to be the Mommy to the little boy that everyone stops to smile at. Lucky that you blow kisses and wave buh-bye. Lucky that you pet Lola nicely and run to the door to greet me at daycare. Lucky that you are healthy and happy. Lucky that you sleep well and eat even better. Lucky that you have developed your charming little quirks that wake me up smiling and keep me smiling until I go to bed. Lucky that we have a Daddy that loves me as much as he loves you.

Just lucky.

Happy 15 months, little buddy! Thanks for making me feel so lucky. I love you lots!



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