Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dealing With a Toddler at Dinner Time is Awesome.

Mommy Says:

Oh, I'm sorry did some of my sarcasm drip on your shirt? Let me get you a napkin. First, I'll have to pick one up for you-seeing as how Tyson has emptied the entire napkin and paper plate drawer on to the floor while I was browning the meat.

While I'm down there, I'll stack the Tupperware bowls back in the cupboard for the 300th time today so that I don't trip on them. Again. Because I already have at least three times.

It's time to take the garlic bread out of the oven? "Yes, Tyson that is hot." "No, Tyson you can't touch it." "No, Tyson you can't throw your ball in the oven!"

Let's dish up! Up? "UP? Momma UP! UP! UPPPPPPPP!" Oh, hi Tyson. Of course I'll pick you up while I try and spoon the piping hot spaghetti onto each plate.

Time to eat. No, seriously it's time to eat. It's not time to sing, or dance, or clap. It's time to EAT.
Why aren't you eating? Last week you loved spaghetti. Remember? Please remember. It's spaghetti, buddy! Nummy! Num-nums! Watch Mommy eat it. No, don't throw it on the
floor. Lola doesn't like spaghetti. You do. Please eat it.

Do you want to try eating with your spoon? No-no, we don't throw our spoon on the floor. Or our spaghetti. Remember?

"Momma? Done. Bath! BATH! BAAAAATHHHH!" "BBBBBAAAAAAAAATTTTTHHHHH!" Ok, buddy, I guess you're done. Let's go get a bath.

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