Thursday, August 26, 2010

We've Got Movement Folks

Mommy Says:

For the past two (ok three) months I've watched patiently as Tyson struggled to explore the world around him. I used nearly every prop I could think of. I might have even bribed him with food. I cheered him on from across the room time after time. I became frustrated with him that he'd come so close to crawling, but just couldn't get there. I didn't put on my crabby pants and start pouting like he did, but man it was. darn. frustrating.

And then one day he just crawled. A little lop sided and only a few paces at a time, but he crawled. And then the next day he crawled some more. And then he discovered he could crawl to get to me. And to get to his toys. And to get to Lola's food and put it in his mouth. That part isn't so great.

To see your child explore the world independently is amazing. A whole new personality has developed. He's strong-he went right from crawling to pulling himself up on everything the very next day. He's brave-within days of figuring out how to pull himself up on the furniture he's discovered how to cruise around it all. He does some amazing one handed furniture swap moves that I'm pretty sure most other 10 month olds wouldn't dare attempt. He's inquisitive-if he sees something new it's the first thing he's drawn too. Come hell or high water he'll make it to that new toy. And he's tough-I've watched him fall down and get back up time and time again.

Soo many people told me I'd regret wishing for him to crawl, but I don't. Not even a teeny tiny bit. I'm loving our mover and shaker. And now I'm bribing him to walk.

PS-Tyson-because I'm your Mommy and I'm probably going to send you into years of therapy anyways, I figured sharing a picture of the face you make while you walk couldn't hurt that much. You should know you usually snort while making this face. We hope it's just a phase as this look and snorting while walking at 10 won't be nearly as cute as it is at 10 months.

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