Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nine Months!

Mommy Says:

Dear Tyson,
Today you are nine months old. You've spent almost as much time outside of me as you have inside of me. (I know, gross, huh?) For the record, the nine months where you were out of me have gone waaayy faster than the nine months you were in.

To celebrate your birthday we went to the doctor. Super fun, right? You officially weigh in at a whopping 18 pounds 8 ounces. You measure 26.5 inches tall. That puts you in the 18th percentile for weight and the 1st percentile for height. I'm fairly certain the doctor shared my fears that you are becoming a little person. Why else would she measure you three times and tell me you, "proportionate enough." I will now spend the rest of the day researching if a person can turn into a little person at 9 months old.

While, I'm googling away, you've got a lot on your plate at nine months. You're busy working on the following things:

Crawling-you are oh so close. You can go from your tummy to all fours. You can go from all fours to sitting. You can push up into some sort of yoga pose on your toes and finger tips. You can pretty much do anything you need to on all fours except crawl. Soon, right?

Standing/Walking-you love, love, love to stand. You know the meaning of stand up and promptly do so when asked. You pull yourself up on the ottoman, any toy, your crib, Mommy, Daddy, the pack and play and possibly Lola.

Eating-good God kid-do you love to eat. This has got to be a Pavel trait, because I have yet to understand where all that food goes. You eat dinner for what seems like an hour straight. You've really taken to eating independently and now feed yourself most of your meals.

Drinking-from a sippy cup! Wow, huh?

Teeth-they're still coming!! You've got 4 on top and 2 on the bottom with 2 more cutting now. You may be short, but you'll have a full set of teeth by the time you turn 10 months.

Talking-waay more babble this month than last. We think you're now saying Lola-only you say Lala. And you yell it. Perhaps we need to stop yelling at Lola in front of you.

Tyson-not only have you changed immensely in the past nine months, but you've also changed your Mommy and Daddy a ton too. I am a better person, friend, daughter, and wife because of you. I am content. I am so unbelievably happy. I couldn't ask for anything better than your smile. I love the way you look at me after nearly everything you do. I love your shy smile. I love your belly laugh. I love watching your back rise and fall while you sleep. I love the way you burrow your head into my shoulder when you're tired. I love your sweet cling on my arm when you are afraid. But most of all, I love you.

Happy 9 month birthday little guy! And I mean little guy literally.

I'm off to start planning your birthday party. Lord know the mental preparation it will take to accept that I have a one year old will take three months alone.

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