Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Update on the Little Person Status

Mommy Says:

We've measured Tyson twice since his doctor's appointment last Thursday. Both times he came in at 27.5"-a full inch off of what the doctor measured three separate times at his appointment. This befuddles me, but I prefer to go with our measurements. They put Tyson back in the 30th
percentile for height and not in the 1st. I believe the 30th percentile would no longer qualify him as a little person.

In case you were curious, my attempts at scouring the Internet to see if one could become a little person on their 9 month birthday proved futile, but entertaining. I would say that there are a lot of stupid people on the Internet, but I was the one researching if Tyson could become a little person. Kettle, meet pot.

In the fury of my research and worry, I forgot to post a very important picture--Tyson's 9 month tractor photo! To make up for it, I've posted several 9 month tractor shots. Lucky you!

Little Person? Who you calling a little person?

I've sat on this stupid tractor for 9 whole months. Doesn't it do
anything else?

Let's take a looksie under the hood!

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