Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer School is Over

Summer school ended last week. Coincidentally, so did my quiet Wednesday mornings, my Wednesday afternoons at the pool and the occasional beer with my Wednesday lunch. I think I'll miss summer school more than they will.

Oh who am I kidding? I know I'll miss it more than they will.

That's not to say that Tyson didn't love running wild for 6 hours each week with his friend Drew. Or that Mila didn't like playing my little pony with her friend Leah every Wednesday. I know Tyson loved going to the Monkey House and Chuck E Cheese and seeing the Wizard of Oz play. Mila loved their playground and the gym. Tyson still talks about the puzzles they had there and Mila brought home the most amazing paintings that still adorn our walls.

Oh, yes, despite the crying fits Mila displayed at every.single.dropoff. they both LOVED summer school and they'll both miss it.

But, I'll miss it more.

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