Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mila Has an Extra Tooth and Tyson Has a Stronger Arm

Last Thursday, we were told that Mila has an extra tooth and Tyson has a stronger arm.  I'm slightly worried we need to lay off the use of pesticides in our garden. Or reduce the chemicals I use to clean the bathtub.

In the morning, we took both kids to the dentist. It was Mila's first trip to the actual dentist chair. Our attempt last winter resulted in lots of screaming and a dentist opinion that she had an extra tooth. She wouldn't confirm her suspicions until we could get x-rays, but did manage to count 9 teeth in a mouth that was only supposed to have 8. I'm not sure we needed an x-ray to confirm that math, but I'm also not a dentist.

After much bribery (including three bouncy balls, a Belle toothbrush, a pink chicken and a promise for ice cream), we obtained the conclusive proof via x-ray-girlfriend has an extra tooth.

Upon further thought, the extra tooth could also be attributed to the liberal amounts of steroid creams I was prescribed to slather on her face repeatedly for two years due to eczema.

We're told the extra baby tooth could be nothing at all. Or it could mean there are also extra adult teeth (yes, plural). Or it could also mean she's missing adult teeth (again with the plural). So really, they have no clue.

At this point, we're in a holding pattern until we can get additional x-rays showing her adult teeth. Or, until the adult teeth come in and we hire a mathematician (but apparently not the dentist) to add up what's in there vs. what should be in there.

Until then, we have this extra toothy grin to admire.

Thursday afternoon, after 17 days in a cast, we took Tyson to the doctor to get it cut off (the cast-not the arm).  According to the doctor, x-rays taken after the cast was removed showed a stronger and harder bone at the fracture site. His doctor said this was pretty common in kid fractures, but Tyson did spend an awful lot of time picking vegetables while in his cast and Daddy did spray an awful lot of pesticides on the Asian beetles invading our garden.

I'm happy (and slightly terrified) to report that Tyson is already busy using his new and improved elbow in ways that could easily lead to a second fracture.  So, don't be surprised if one day he's the strongest kid ever.

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