Thursday, July 3, 2014


Have I mentioned I don't camp? I mean like I s'mores. And bonfires. But, I also like mattresses and air conditioning. Also, I'm not fond of bugs and dirt and I enjoy a hot shower every morning. For the past 4 years, I've graciously bowed out of any camping trips we've been invited on because, "the babies wouldn't do well in a tent."

My babies are now 4 and 2. And the 4 year old has been begging us to take him camping for at least a year.

Remind me to come up with a new excuse.

This year, my in-laws offered to take Tyson with on their annual camping trip. In an effort to please the 4 year old and still allow myself the liberty of a hot shower, I jumped at the offer before I realized what I agreed to.

My baby boy. His first trip away from home. For a whole weekend. Without us.


Tyson had a complete blast and, despite my many questions, he has yet to remember everything they did. Each and every time I called (and I called a LOT) he had no desire to talk to me. He mumbled "Me too" when I told him I loved him. I worried about him for 48 hours straight. He came home tired, a little stinky and totally crabby.

It was like a crash course for his teenage years.

The good news? We both survived.

A few pictures I was sent from his Auntie Lisa so I could piece together all of the fun they were having without us:

Remind me to ask Auntie Lisa if she'll accompany him to college and send me pictures so I can piece together the fun he has there too. Sure made the whole weekend away thing easier on me.

I'm off to google other excuses I can use to avoid camping.

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