Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Preschool Graduation, Take 2

Dear Tyson,

This week we celebrated your second preschool graduation. It was the same program as last year, same teacher presenting and same diploma handed out-yet I still cried. God, I'm going to be a hot mess at your high school graduation-my apologies now.

This year your teacher told me you were a leader in the classroom. She said you were smart and that you listened well and you were great at making everyone feel included. She said you were respectful, kind and funny. As she told me this, my smile grew bigger and bigger. I already knew all of this about you, but it's nice to know others notice how wonderful you are too.

This year you learned how to write numbers and that dinosaurs can be herbivores or carnivores. You got to touch a snake and wear your Halloween costume to school. You raced your classmates in the motor room and made up new games to play with your friends. You worked on your cutting skills and started recognizing some sight words. You made a new best friend and had playdate without your Mommy there.

At graduation, I watched as you sat politely listening to your teacher. You answered her questions with pride and sang songs confidently. You and your buddy Logan shared smiles back and forth. You prayed out loud with zest and every once and awhile you turned to look at me for approval with a shy grin on your face. And, I smiled back with tears in my eyes.

I am so, so proud of you, Tyson.

Happy 2nd Preschool Graduation, buddy.



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