Sunday, September 8, 2013

Second Year of Preschool

Dear Tyson,

On your first day of preschool last year you timidly held my hand and walked behind me into your classroom. You were two and you were tiny. So tiny, in fact, that I had to help you reach the hooks to hang up your coat. You struggled to write your name (or any recognizable letter at all) on the chalk board. You sat on my lap at circle time and whispered in my ear the answers to your teacher's questions. You were shy and unsure and it took everything I had to leave my baby behind in a room full of strangers.

This year, you proudly led the way into your classroom and hung up your bag on the coat hooks. You are (almost) the tallest boy in your class. You hugged your teachers and told them that you could write your whole name now. You asked for harder puzzles during play time. You sat four feet in front of me during circle time, sang loud, prayed out loud, and bravely answered all of your teacher's questions without looking back at me once.

This year, I don't hesitate to leave you behind. I know that you will learn and grow and change. You will be good and listen. You will do good and help. You will make art projects that will hang proudly on our back door until the edges start turning up. You will make friends that you will want to sit next to on our field trips. You'll impress your teachers with your painting and coloring skills. You'll use your manners and care about all of your classmates. You'll be confident and proud. You'll be a leader.

Go. Have fun, baby. I'm so proud of you.



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