Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cabin, Cabin, Cabin!

Tyson and Mimi,
This year, after several long and arduous years of searching for the perfect spot, your Nanny and Papa bought a cabin. We kind of made it our second home for the month of August. And by kind of I mean we lived there on the weekends. And also on Fridays. And sometimes on Thursdays. And there was that one Monday…..

Growing up I was lucky enough to have a Grandma and Grandpa who lived on a lake too. I also had cousins, and Aunts and Uncles, and friends with cabins.  My best and most favorite memories from my childhood are at the lake.  I  went tubing with my cousins and fishing with my Grandpa. I played card games and drank iced tea with my Grandma. I stayed up late and had bonfires with my friends. I camped out in tents, went water skiing, and helped my dad to drive the boat. I took the paddle boat out as far as I could paddle and jumped in the lake. I played outside for hours on end and took my baths in the lake. I collected cool looking rocks and went on walks with my Mom. I went to bed with sand in my toes and a slight sunburn on my shoulders.  
Selfishly, I prayed for years for your Nanny and Papa to fall in love with a cabin so you could have those same memories. I prayed for you to know what cool water felt like when you dove in on a hot summer day. I prayed that someday your Papa would teach you how to take your own fish off of a hook (because that is certainly out of my realm of responsibilities). I prayed that you would love to tube behind the back of the boat as much as I did. I prayed that you would jump off of a boat in the middle of the lake and yell, “Again! Again!” I prayed that you would have smores and watch late night fireworks.  I prayed and I dreamed and I prayed.

This summer your Nanny and Papa made my prayers and dreams come true. I know their cabin will continue to make yours come true for many more years to come.
Enjoy cabin life, little ones. You are lucky-it will be the best memories of your life.

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