Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Ponytail

Dear Mimi,

When you were born your hair was thin, wispy, and dark. It curled down the back of your neck just slightly-it was longer than your brother’s was at birth and lighter. A little less full of curls. It was soft and smelled of newborn deliciousness.

I know because I studied it for hours those first few days. I put on hats to see the little curl stick out the back and tried out your going home headband SEVERAL times before we actually went home.

In the first few months, I made you take pictures with ridiculously large headbands and in the last few months, I’ve put a “pretty” in your hair for nearly every outing.

I’ve studied your curls at length and dreamt of the day I could comb your hair, braid it for a special event and see your pig tails bounce while you play.

So, when this happened:

I cried. Big fat, happy tears.  Your first thin, curly, and beautiful pony tail.

You are getting too old, too fast my love.


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