Thursday, June 20, 2013

Doggie! Duck! Horsie!

We took Mila to the zoo for the first time (that didn’t involve a carrier and looking at my chest the entire time) last weekend.
To say she loved it is an understatement. This girl has an undying love for all things animal. Even if she thinks they are ALL doggies, kitties, horsies, or ducks.
In this particular picture she’s looking at a seal and screaming “DUCKY!”  Which, I guess…they both swim in water??

Here she is riding a “ BIG HORSIE!” Clearly.
We saw gorillas, aka “DOGGIES!”  I’m not sure my brain can explain the connection on this one.
And, finally, watching a lion play while yelling “KITTY! BALL!” Which, actually, is kinda right. Fist bump, Mimi. Ya got one.
Clearly we need to re-read the animal bookies.

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