Thursday, March 28, 2013

Having a 13 Month Old Girl is Pretty Much Like Having a Parrot.

It’s official. We have a three year old son named Tyson and a 13 month old parrot named Mila. As of now, I can pretty much tell her to say anything and she’ll do it. Except Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. She can’t say that.  

Don’t get me wrong, her vocabulary is still only probably 40ish words deep, but her parroting? It’s out of control.

And while we’re on her vocabulary, she certainly has had some quirky first words.

“GOT IT!”-announced whenever she picks anything up. This phrase was said before Mommy or Daddy. Weird, right?

“PRETTY!”-yelled at anything remotely pretty. Jewelry, shoes, bows, flowers. She likes her pretties. Last week she spent 15 minutes before nap time yelling “PRETTY!” at the new bow holder we hung in her room. I don’t blame her though-it’s really that pretty.

“YEAH!”-said constantly. No really, she will walk around saying “yeah!” to herself (and anyone listening) for no reason.

And the newly learned, “NO! NO!” said complete with a finger wave. God save us.

Other happenings at 13 months include:

Singing and dancing to “Hot Dog! Hot Dog!” thanks to Mickey Mouse. I swore I would keep this show off during the parenting of our second child to save my sanity, but alas, Mickey’s powerful Clubhouse wins again.

Peeing on the potty. WHAT? THE? I’m not complaining. She goes about 60-70 percent of the time we put her on it. Sometimes she asks to go on it. It’s odd. By documenting this, I’m sure she won’t be fully potty trained until she’s 4. I learned my karma potty training lesson the first time.

Pooping in the bathtub for the first time.  I’m complaining. Some firsts are clearly not as awesome as others. (Mimi- We spent a lot of time documenting Tyson’s bowel movements during his first year-it’s only fair that we do the same for yours. Your prom date won’t read this blog, I promise).

Feeding Lola all of her food. Again, not as awesome. Especially because Lola’s dinner of barbecue chicken pizza ended up all over the bottom half of our bed. At 3 AM. See above regarding the newly learned phrase “NO! NO!” Yes, this is where she learned it.

Giving kisses. Amen. My favorite part of this age. The open mouthed sloppy kiss. This makes up for the poop and the puke noted above every single time. She’s generous with the kisses too-her babies, her brother, Mommy, Daddy, herself.

13 months is fun.  And really, really busy. We’re loving every single minute of it with our little parrot.  

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