Friday, March 22, 2013

Daddy's Old(er than me!) and I Heart Pinterest

Today’s is Daddy’s birthday! We’re celebrating with store-bought lasagna and cupcakes.  Which will most likely be served on paper plates because I’m too lazy to do dishes.  We know how to make a man feel special. Am I Right?
Daddy asked for a pull down ladder for our garage attic and a Swiffer sweeper for his birthday. SERIOUSLY. This is what I have to work with people.
Seeing as how I refuse to buy yet another vacuum for our house and cannot lift said garage attic ladder, we were left with absolutely no ideas on what to give Daddy for the big 3-3.
And then a friend (who was looking for ideas for their Daddy’s birthday) mentioned we should get on Pinterest. A little searching, some frenzied shopping and a craft morning with two unruly toddlers and crabby babies resulted in this:
It also resulted in a completely messy kitchen (sorry, Tracy!), a brown stained baby foot, tons of empty spice bottles, and exhausted Mommies.
But, we think Daddy will really, really love it.
Happy Birthday to the best daddy, husband and friend I know. We all love you so much!

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