Thursday, May 5, 2011

18 Months

Dear Tyson,

Today you are 18 months old and I am back to crying in a corner over how quickly you've grown up. Is it really only 6 more months until you turn 2? I'll try and type through the tears.....

You've kept us quite entertained in the last month with all of your new tricks and antics. As you've seen, you're clearly a great hopper. You've also learned how to roll, spin in a circle, and do somersaults. I know Daddy will hate me for saying this, but if the Men's Gymnastic team has a spot open for the Winter Olympics in 2022, I'm certain you can fill it. You've already perfected your floor routine.

You're also very smart. You count to three when asked by holding up one finger and saying, "to tree!" You have a new found love of puzzles and can even complete one or two of them all on your own. You'll probably the first Olympic gold medalist who is also in Mensa.

Your vocabulary is growing daily. You can repeat most words we ask you to say. Which is scary. Some of my new favorite words you use consistently are:

-Uh-oh! (yes, I know that this is not really a word, but seriously? Cutest thing ever)
-Cartoon (possibly a nod to my poor parenting, but again CUTE)
-Bye (buh-bye!)
-Hi (hieeee)
-Park (pawk)

You're adorable. You ask for help by taking our hand and leading us to what you want. I'm pretty sure you do this because you realize that when you hold our hand you have us wrapped around your little finger -literally and figuratively.

You seem to be deloping more of Mommy's shy personality. You love to smile and wave to people, but if they happen to look at you or (God forbid!) talk to you, you're quick to latch on to Mommy and Daddy.

As you can see, you are easily the cutest, smartest, funniest, and most athletic 18 month old I've ever known. I pray that we are filling your life with the same love and joy that you fill ours with.

Happy year and a half little buddy!




  1. He can't already be 18 months old...You're going to have to go get that brick that Mom used to say she was putting on my head to stop me from growing up (or maybe just growing tall - which genetically Tyson won't have to worry about)! You've got one handsome little ham on your hands. Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Sister!! Love you!!!

  2. You are the best Mommy ever... enjoy your special day with Tyson...Love you and Miss You and can't wait to celebrate Mother's Day with YOU!!! Where did the last 18 months go??? So happy that we have Tyson to show us what you all have been up to...He is one lucky lil dude!!!