Friday, March 18, 2011

And Then I Cried At Swimming Lessons

Mommy Says:
I had forgotten how awesome pregnancy hormones are. While I have been blessed with two pregnancies that (so far) have involved very little nausea or morning sickness - (thank God) - they both involved quite a rollercoaster of emotions (thank God Daddy has made it out of both first trimesters alive).

I'm really trying hard to keep a better handle on my emotions this time around. I'm trying to not letting Daddy's loud chewing bother me. I've turned the music up at dinner to drown out the noise. Also, his snoring, tossing and turning at night-I grin and bare it. I would say the irrational yelling is down tenfold. (Daddy might say differently.)

I cannot say the same thing about the crying.

I cried when we found out (happy tears, of course), I cried when I realized Tyson wouldn't be our baby anymore, I cried when Tyson wouldn't hug me goodbye one morning, I cried when the doctor had to reschedule my first appointment, I cried when I realized chocolate was my food aversion this time around seriously), I cried watching the Biggest Loser, I cried watching the Tide commercials and just last week I cried at swimming lessons.

That was rock bottom. AT swimming lessons means IN PUBLIC. Like where people could see. And I don't even have a belly to justify it at this point. I'm just a strange lady crying at swimming lessons. To make matters worse, swimming lessons are the first "big kid" activity we've enrolled Tyson in. So I'm already that parent embarrassing the crap out of their kid. I probably just got him uninvited from at least 3 two year old birthday parties. Awesome.

But, seriously? Do you see the cuteness? Does it not bring tears to your eyes too? Something about watching my little boy becoming a big boy and enjoying a sport that I loved for so long. Oh, and the pride that stretched across Daddy's face as they kicked and scooped around the pool.

I should note that Tyson loves the "ool" and we have since been to a second lesson where I managed to hold it together. I took Tyson in the second time and loved every minute of bubble blowing and splashing. Tyson seems to enjoy the activity time. He's the second youngest in the class, but all of our trips to the pool have paid off-he's definitely not afraid of the water. He's eager to put his ears in the water and loves to jump in again and again.

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