Thursday, March 10, 2011

16 months

Dear Tyson,

Last week you turned 16 months old. This is the part in your monthly letter where I'm supposed to bitch and moan about how I can't believe you're not a baby anymore, but honestly? I'm kinda ok with it. As you inch closer and closer to the big 0-2, I'm beginning to fall more and more in love with this toddler stage. While I still miss rocking you to sleep, it's pretty awesome to ask for (and receive) a hug and kiss goodbye. I miss holding you, but love that you'll hold my hand when I ask you to. I miss hearing your soft baby grunts and coos, but love that we can have an actual conversation together (even if it consists mostly of "no-no" on your end).

I am constantly amazed by your vocabulary. It seems as if each day I discover a new word you know. Some of my recent favorites include:

- chicken
- three (tree!)
- towel (owl)

You're pretty much a genius and I'm not just saying that because I'm your Mommy. You can point out nearly all of your body parts including your hair, head, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, tummy, hands, fingers, bottom and toes. You love to read your books (ooks) and enjoy pointing out all of the animals to Mommy and Daddy.

If you don't use the above skills to become a doctor or something equally as great, you could always retain a career as a stand up comic. You're becoming quite the ham. You mimic Mommy and Daddy, you dance in the carts when we're shopping so people look at you, if they don't look at you- you will wave at them until they do, you laugh (loudly) at yourself when we ask you if your funny, and you've taken to spinning in circles (like Lola does) when someone comes to the door.

I honestly don't know what our lives would be like right now without you in it, but I know that they would be less fulfilling and less content. Thank you for making us smile every day.

Happy 16 month birthday buddy!



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