Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Ten Things You Missed While We Were Deleting Porn From Our Computer

Mommy Says:

1. Tyson knows how to hold his bottle and feed himself. If we could manage to teach him how to make the bottle, we could probably leave him alone for a few hours.

2. We've removed the infant car seat from my car. I no longer get to show off my burly muscles while I attempt to haul all twenty pounds of kid and ten pounds of car seat into the grocery store each Thursday. On display now: my impressive hand/eye coordination as I try to keep a twenty pound, squirmy baby in the cart while grocery shopping.

3. Tyson's discovered his pee-pee. It makes changing diapers more challenging. I don't think this is related to the porn on our computer.

4. I attempted to teach Tyson how to say "mama" for the billionth time. My valiant efforts have not paid off, however, Daddy seems to be his new favorite word.

5. We've started introducing more solids and finger foods. He loves avocado, melon, banana strips, sweet potatoes, pancakes, ravioli, and risotto. I'll probably have to return to work full time in order to feed this kid.

6. Tyson has figured out how to pull himself up to a standing position and how to get on all fours. It's probably only a matter of time before he starts crawling or running. I'm resting up now.

7. Because of #6, we had to lower Tyson's crib. You'd be proud of me though-I didn't cry.

8. Tyson has learned the notorious throw your toy on the ground for Mommy to pick up game. This game may be enough to make Tyson an only child.

9. Tyson now has 6 teeth. Please see above regarding him possibly being an only child.

10. We went on our first family road trip-to Duluth! A long post with lots of cute pictures to follow. Consider yourself warned.

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