Monday, July 5, 2010

8 Months

Mommy Says:
Dear Tyson,
Today you are 8 months old. I won't bore you with the typical getting older drama that I usually drone on and on about. Daddy told me those posts are getting boring.

I think you've changed more this month than any other one before. Perhaps it's the talking? Did I mention that you're doing it all the time now? Buy-bye, ba (ball), and ba-ba (bottle). You wake up talking and you fall asleep doing the same. I'm beginning to think we've created a mini-Daddy!

You're moving around even more this month. Still not crawling, but you'll get there right? You scoot quite a bit, roll all over, you love to stand up and even walk a little with help.

We've been swimming quite a few times. You love the water! You can kick, go under, and float. You are completely frustrated that you can't figure out how to blow bubbles. You're our little water baby and I love that I get to share something with you that I love so much.

Physically you're changing too. You're getting more and more hair-we may even have to give you your first hair cut soon! We just discovered your third tooth today. Already popped through and we didn't even realize it was happening! You're getting taller-which is quite the accomplishment considering your parents. You fit into 3-6 month clothes mostly, but some 6-9 too. Everyone says you still look just like Daddy, but I'm beginning to see a little of me too.

I've become that annoying mother who posts videos of you on facebook and talks about your accomplishments constantly. Don't get mad-I'm just so very proud of every new thing you learn. I am amazed every time I watch your little mouth work so hard to spit out a new word-the concentration! I marvel in your frustration and then excitement as you try to move across the floor to a new toy. I love watching you discover new people, places, and things.

You will always be my baby, but this getting older thing might not be so bad after all. I think we'll both survive. Happy 8 month birthday little buddy!

We love you lots!

Mommy and Daddy

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