Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Guy Crazy

This is Mila's bed:

This is Mila's bed on crack.... also known as Mila's bed when she snuggles in for the night.

At last count, there were 22 lovies tucked in there with her. I know I should be worried about her suffocating with all that packed into a full size bed, but, I'm far more concerned with the fact that she calls all these stuffed animals her, "guys."

As in:

"My guys are sleepy too."

"I have to make sure all my guys are tucked in before I can sleep."

"My guys had a bad dream last night."

"Mooomm...give a goodnight kiss to all of my guys."

And, my personal favorite,

"I'm tired. My guys kept me up all night long."

Please, please, please let her never utter this sentence to her Mother again.

Last week, we caught her tearing apart her closet while she was supposed to be taking a nap. As I carried her back to bed and reminded her that this was nap time, she calmly explained, "but Mom, I was just looking for more guys to sleep with."


I figured we would go through a time when she was a little guy-crazy, I just had no idea it would happen at the ripe age of 2.

Does this mean she's advanced for her age?

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