Monday, February 17, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Like the rest of America with toddlers, I took Tyson to see Disney's "Frozen". Unlike the rest of America, we actually were frozen when we attended the movie. The outside temperature at the time of the showing was -19.

We were the only ones in the theater. No one else was stupid enough to see a movie called, "Frozen" when they were living it in real life.

Despite the potential frost bite we risked voyaging out, we both loved the movie, particularly the songs. "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" happened to be a favorite for both of us.

Until Tyson took the song literally-singing it everyday and really REALLY wanting us to build
his own personal Olaf.

Unfortunately for him, it's continued to be really REALLY cold and Mama has no desire to lose appendages to frostbite while building a snowman.

I attempted to pacify him (and stay warm!) by building indoor snowmen.

Our first project was a door snowman we found on Pinterest. I found him cute, but our door is painted green, so, without the black and white effect he kind of looks like he might be coming down with something, Also, as Tyson pointed out, door snowman can't give warm hugs like Olaf.

After a second quick search on Pinterest, we set out to make sock snowmen (see also; make a mess out of our kitchen).

I am still cleaning rice off of our floor, but the end result was perfect. Meet our cute huggable snowmen... our own personal Olafs.

I'm off to get some warm hugs.

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