Saturday, April 13, 2013


There's a reason Easter only comes once a year. I'm sure part of it has to do with the whole celebrating Jesus rising from the dead (which apparently only happened once) but the other part of it is likely because every parent can only handle picking up the plastic eggs 900 times once per year. ANND the sugar. Don't even get me started on the sugar.

I mean this in the nicest most Christian way possible. Good riddance, Easter.

At least we got some good pictures in return for my misery:

Look! My kids aren't wearing clothes! Again!

Five minutes after his basket was filled the eggs were spread all over the house for me to play 900 egg pick up. Which, if I haven't mentioned it, is my FAVORITE game. 

Waaay more interested in catching her brother in the butterfly net then finding any eggs. 

Practicing sharing. 

This rare picture brought to you by good naps, bribery, and Grandma Pat. 

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