Sunday, January 13, 2013

Peat and Repeat

Sister has figured out she has a voice! She can say words! And phrases! Prior to our trip to Florida, there were lots of mumbles and sounds, but no distinct words other than Daddy, Momma and Mum Mums (food, of course.) These three words were used an immense amount (especially mum-mum, she likes her food) , but we had little to no progress on anything else. Except her dinosaur scream. She’s really got that one perfected, much to my dismay.

Sometime during our trip, she realized she could make other noises. Her ability to copy our sounds started with “Uh-oh!” Did I mention she figured out how to throw her toys on the ground and have us pick them back up?  Yay!  Fetch for Mommy and Daddy-always my favorite part about this age.  This cute game is now accompanied by “Uh-oh!” every time she drops (throws) her toy on the ground. It makes it a slightly cuter game. Slightly.

She’s also added “yeah” to her vocabulary. Typically said repeatedly as in;

Mommy: “Mimi, do you want to take a bath?”
Mimi: ”Yeah, yeah yeah. Yeah. YEAH.”

Mommy: “Mimi, do you want mum-mums?”
Mimi: “Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!”

And then there’s, “I got it!”   Used in her new (improved!) fetch game-she throws an object-says, “uh-oh!” and then retrieves it HERSELF while yelling, “I got it!” Side note: if you have a ten month old starting the awesome fetch game mentioned above, either get yourself a Golden Retriever or invite my daughter over to teach them her new (improved!) version. Your sanity will thank you.

She also says, “Uhn ou,” which for those of you who don’t speak baby obviously means, “thank you!” How do I know this? Because she says it when I give her more food.  Duh.

Clearly she’s some sort of baby genius. What are the odds that we would have two in the same family? Small, I know. We’re lucky.

She does still make the dinosaur noises though, so, apparently we’re not SUPER SUPER lucky or anything.

PS: She’s also learned this new trick. It’s awesome and doesn’t making shopping hard at all. So proud.

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